Say Hello to Socrates MDtm

Realtime product support for the world's most complex technologies and techniques.

Increase confidence. Improve outcomes.

For Your Customers

Put a professor for your products in every customer's pocket.

Healthcare professionals need real information in realtime. Socrates puts your product specialists in every customers pocket.

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For Customers
For Your Field Force

For Your Field Force

Arm your reps for success.

Selling life-improving technologies requires a sophisticated salesforce. Socrates arms reps with realtime product support to help them service customers with confidence.

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For Management

Aggregate your organization's "tribal knowledge".

Socrates aggregates your team's product expertise into one continually evolving knowledgebase.

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For Customers

Common Questions

What is Socrates MD

Socrates is a realtime product support network designed exclusively for healthcare and life science companies.

How does it work?

Socrates has a simple user proposition: find your answer, or the best person who can answer... in 10-seconds.

How do you deploy it?

Socrates is a multichannel product support ecosystem available 24/7, via rep iPad, customer mobile app, or search plugins on your brand sites.

How much does it cost?

Socrates has a plan for every customer type. We make it simple to start and scale in any size business.

The professor for your